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damolisher's Journal

21 October
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  • damolisher@livejournal.com
Hey, dudes, my name's Damo. 21 Years old from Paraparaumu, New Zealand, and this is my livejournal of total ranting. If you're one of my mates, or you're familiar with me through bebo, you'll know I tend to drop the F Bomb a lot, hell, I just swear a lot in general, some people may say that indicates a lack of intelligence, and to that I say "No, stupidity indicates a lack of intelligence. Swearing's just a bad habit."

I also get pissed off at quite a few things, but hey, it comes with the territory. You'll see when you read my blogs. I love Transformers, music, and I am a wrestling nut, and my goal is to be a professional wrestler, and get a contract with one of the major companies in the states by the time I'm 28 or 30 (Undecided as of yet, I'll get back to you on that one. lol.)