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He has a fucking sidekick now?!

On Tramp's deviantart page, the fat prick is still avoiding listening to reason like the smug, arrogant piece of shit he is: (http://tramp-graphics.deviantart.com/) But now he has a sidekick! "We have no evidence there are gay transformers." We have no evidence of any of the theories Tramp reasons either, but hey. And apparently Tramp getting kicked off he Allspark was the results of people being closeminded. So what does that make the people who've kicked him off all the other forums he's been banned from? The internet- birthplace of fuckwits for far, far too long.

Ah, fuck, the King of Virgins returns...


Page 2, Tramp OH SO SHOCKINGLY (Not) makes an appearance outside of the fanworks board to show up in another discussion in order to shove his retarded robosex theories down our throats again. As if it wasn't obvious enough by now, he's pretty much proven he honestly searches these things out.

Heh. Take that Megan Fox. (Although I disagree with the "She was hot" part.)

Are you FUCKING kidding me?

OK, I understand that people will get off to anything these days, regardless of how poorly animated it is, or the fact that it's made for adults, but DEAR SWEET JUMPING JESUS ON A FUCKING POGO STICK: South Park Yaoi? WHAT. THE. FUCK. A show for ADULTS about 4th graders which is one of the most hilariously over the top racist/sexist/mocks absolutely EVERYTHING shows on TV is getting the yaoi treatment from some sad group of fucking losers. K, now getting off to Anime is something I find weird, but at least it's well-animated, and the characters are meant to look pretty, etc. But SOUTH PARK? FUCKING SOUTH PARK?! Jesus, have I missed something here? Or am I the weird one for finding this sorta crap bizarre and utterly appaling? There are some very, very sick people on the internet...

Speaking of which, I'm working on an anime project. It's my own original story, etc. (Yeah, OK, so it borrows heavily from a lot of things (DBZ, Naruto, even Suikoden V, hell, I even chuck in a few references to the wrestling promotion I work for.) If ya wanna have a read of some of the draft brainstorming I've done, let me know and I'll chuck it up on my LJ.

Dunno how aware y'all are of this, but...

For the last couple of months I've been training to be a professional wrestler. I'm pretty happy, it's a local wrestling federation known as "New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling", NZWPW for short, which runs out of the He Toa Gym in Petone, and I'm doing OKish in my training. Attended my first show as part of the ring crew/helpers/whatever last night, got the fun job of being the lone security guard.

Now I know what it feels like to be Tramp, in that I was able to frighten small children.

Don't know when I'll actually make my in-ring debut, hopefully within a couple of months or so. I'm goin' with "Zero" by the Smashing Pumpkins as my entrance music, but I dunno. I'm considering being uber-cheesy and using "The Touch." Yes, that "The Touch." :P (Yeah, I know. But hey, we have a guy on our roster called "The Nerd", I think I should be sweet.
Yeah, you read that right. I don't know why so many guys drool over Megan Fox. Yeah, she's kinda pretty, but all-in-all, she's not all that hot. I see her in the same way I see Rihanna: tryhard. I can't stand women who go out of their way to try and put themselves out at skanky to try and draw attention to themselves. Personally, I'm tired of hearing "Transformers screen babe Megan Fox" "Transformers hottie Megan Fox" "Sexy Transformers chick Megan Fox," et al. Megan just keep trying to put herself over some form of sex symbol, which to me, like I said, comes cross as skanky. To the Funkmaster of Damoholism, the hottest chicks are the ones who don't try, they just are. Take Scarlett Johansson for example. She's gorgeous, and she doesn't even have to try to be. It just seems to come naturally for her.

As a guy, it kind of embarrasses me to see other dudes falling for the crappy image Megan Fox tries to paint of herself. I mean, Leonard Maltin, the douchebag movie critic called it right for once in his reviews book- something to the effect of "so-called 11th grader looks like she belongs in the Pussycat Dolls." (Just for the record, I can't stand them, either.) Ya see dudes drooling, and it's like "Come on, man, you're better than that."

I don't like Megan Fox. We aren't down with chicks who try to turn the "Ho-Meter" all the way up to 11. Just because she can talk about "Oh, I'd be cool with doing lesbian scenes" or strips down to her underwear doesn't make her a great or desirable woman in my eyes. It just makes her a chick who panders to fanboys with a bad taste in women.
Animated Safeguard, aka Jetstorm/Jetfire. FUCKING AWESOME TOYS. The comic that comes packaged with them rules as well, and features Wheeljack, Perceptor and Red Alert, as well as the origin story for the twins. It even mentions how they're twins, i.e. split from the same protoform. (Ya hear that, Tramp, you cretinous fucktard?) What strikes me as weird is we're quite far behind the States in terms of toys, yet we've got the Safeguard set really early. How early? The other toys being advertised on the box are Blurr, Blazing Lockdown, Swindle, Skywarp and Shockwave. Let me just say- best 40 bucks I've ever spent.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLqNsAf6GUQ- Anti Chris-Crocker rant.

I dunno who made this video, sound quality's kinda crap. Seems like a pretty handsome, charasmatic individual though if I do say so myself....

>_> What?
Oh Fuck. I thought wrong. Raksha's apparently back from the dead and posting at TFArchive.


If hope like hell she never comes near the IDW forums, or we're in for some fun between her and Tramp. May sound like a minor gripe, especially since I got kickbanned from that Forum of arseholes for starting shit with Tramp, but if she's there now, she could always hit other forums, couldn't she? Does anyone in this fandom actually want that insane bitch back?

Oh, and PS; Want proof the mods there are dicks? Note the treatment of Rattrap23 when he's not even the one who brought her up in the 1st place:


Fuck I can't stand that Cliffjumper prick.

Let me set the record straight here...

People seem to wonder what my issue is with the worthless piece of shit that is Tramp, of robosex infamy. The main issue here, is that I'm being mocked by a few people because of it, and I don't see what their fuckin' problem is, since I'm not the only one who argues with him, I'm the only one who won't be polite to the arsehole in any way, shape, or form, but I think I'll spell out why I can't stand the tosser for you, if you're unfamiliar, not that you care.

1. The Cunt Is Far Too Arrogant For A Man Of His Standing.

Now, Tramp claims to be a "Freelance graphic artist." However, he also lives in his grandmother's basement, which is very, VERY sad for a man who's near 40, and allgedly "Served his country" in Desert Storm. So, this would indicate a man who I'd place in the "Unemployed" column, rather than "Freelance" anything. Under his definition, I'm a "Freelance Professional Wrestler," simply because I know how to perform a few moves safely, I know basic ring psychology, how to cut a promo, but basically, my ring work, much like Tramp's art, is optically repulsive. Also, much like Tramp, I'm also doing nothing to further myself at the moment in terms of my career. (OK, not really true, I'm trying to work off my spare tyre and get into shape, and I'll be taking a wrestling course in 2010. Yes, they have those.)

Keep in Mind, Tramp will talk down to everyone, be it other board members, moderators, site admins, even Don Figueroa and Simon Furman themselves. No-one knows more than Tramp, according to himself. Regardless of how smart you are when it comes to Transformers, you don't know enough, apparently.

2. The Condescending Posting Style, ugh!

I know for a fact I'm not the only one who gets pissed off with Tramp talking down to them acting like he knows everything because he can cherrypick what best suits his interpretation, and proceeds to shove it down your throat like what he wishes he could do to a woman, if they didn't all have restraining orders against him. The bolding is bad enough, but then there's the constant repetition of his arguments that have already beeen debunked. Regardless of how many times you point out completely valid points, Tramp will hang onto something for dear fucking life, no matter how wrong it is, or on how many sites he's been told things are incorrect. For example, when he argues his moronic "LULZ, Transformers have eggs and make babies, and I have no experience with women" (More on that point later, BTW.) point, he uses "The movie shows the Lithonians have Children" as an example. Now, despite the fact that it's never implied in any official Transformers fiction or anything that the Lithonians= Cybertronian, do you think that'll stop Tramp? Hell no. It's been pointed out to him on every forum he's made the idiotic argument at that they're not, yet he still goes on about it. Hell, that actually applies to the whole "Robofucking" argument, come to think of it. Anyway, as far as downtalking goes, it's not just a Tramp thing. I lose my shit VERY quickly if people start treating me like I'm an idiot. I know I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I just don't like having it pointed out to me.

Seriously- Tramp can and WILL talk to you like you know nothing about Transformers. He does often. Whereas most people take the "I assume people know this fact, so the person posting whatever I'm also posting about probably does too" attitude while posting, Tramp takes the "They DEFINITELY don't know this, or this, because I'm the only one who's ever read this" attitude. And if you post something he doesn't know: "Give me a source. I post sources for my information. If it doesn't have a source, it can't be right." Arse.

3. He Possesses An Inablity To Accept Responsibility For His Faults.

Yeah, he's said on IDW "I make no apologies for how I post, this is how I post, etc." To me, though, that means nothing. Accepting responsibility would entail the ceasing of the bolding, and with him acting like a normal human being, rather than a jumped up prick who thinks he's better than everyone, and simply doesn't care about the fact he's about as welcome in Transformers fandom as Michael Jackson in a kindergarten.

See, in my case, I get told off for abusing people who fuck me off. The difference is, "Wanton abuse" isn't my general messageboard posting style, and those who've seen me post when I'm not trying to snipe Tramp, or argue with the braindead will see that I generally have a fuckin' bizarre sense of humour, and I just try to be "On o' da guys", if'n ya will. Tramp's default is "Act like a dick" and "Try to make nice with those he's pissed off" in the one or two posts per hundred where he's not correcting someone or forcing his retarded points of view on people. Anyone who posts like him after being told off, and after making enemies of about 80% of the online Transformers fandom are clearly just doing it to piss people off, and you can't tell me otherwise.

And don't get me started on his constant "You're the only one doing _____". For example "Tramp, stop disturbing the thread." "Damolisher, the only one disturbing the thread is you." "Tramp, stop trolling." "The one trolling is you, Damolisher." "Tramp, stop attempting to score women." "The only one scoring women here is you, Damolisher." (Yeah, OK, I made that last one up, but hey.)

I curse like a fuckin' drunken sailor, and have minimal tolerance for people who need simple things like "Robots don't fuck" explained to them repeatedly, especially when they're told they're wrong and find no-one to agree with them anywhere they go, and yet I still manage to get on well with most people. Yet Tramp claims to be "Civil", and yet has only one "friend" who's about as popular, and just as arrogant and annoying. It's like I've told him many a time, you have to wonder why.

4. Trying to Treat Others Like They Don't Interact With Opposite Genders.

Now, you see, Tramp clearly has had minimal experience with females. Maybe it's because of the whole "You're simply there for sex and that's it!" attitude which seems to fuel his robosex arguments, but that's not the only reason.

Exhibit A: A PM on Seibertron he sent me last year informed me to "Respect my elders" because he was "Old enough to be my father." Now, as of November 2008, I'm 21, he's 37. If my sister were still alive, she'd be 35. My mother either really started late, or Tramp's just ignorant. I'm going with the latter, since it seems more likely.

Exhibit B: Ironhide and Chromia's hug is not a "Friendship hug", because "Males don't act like that with each other, so, No, Damolisher, they're not Just friends." So, the bottom line is, I should've been fired from work a long time ago, because I'm rooting 3 of my co-workers by Tramp's "Hugging=fucking" standards. Also, it still doesn't explain why Inferno/Firestar or Powerglide/Moonracer are "couples", either, but somehow, they're still canon according to Tramp, simply because of some list someone who has equal woman experience to the target of this blog entry typed up which lists basically every fanshipped couple as "Official", despite having no actual links or evidence as to how they're official.

Exhibit C: He can't "Afford" a girlfriend. Yeah, I think we know what possible kinds of women he's talking about. Ones who inflate, or ones who stand on street corners for a living. Maybe if the loser got a job, he might afford some venereal disease or somethin'.

5. He Ruins The Franchise for Others.

I know I'm not the only one, but Tramp's constant Canon-Hammering in topics relating to the "Original Thirteen" have put me off buying the series. Now, we know nothing about the series, yet Tramp thinks simply because he uses the Transformers Wiki to look up info, he can suddenly barge in and tell people how they should be speculating on the Thirteen. I should be thankful, though. Apart from Tramp's little one woman groupie brigade Jeysie, and KJ the Wah-mbulance phoning hypocrite, apparently, everyone on the IDW forums now tolerates Tramp's crap about as much as I do. Even DanielW, who kept at me and at me, and at me previously about how I lost my cool with Tramp and how I throw the 4 letter'd vocab at him has pretty much just said "Fuck it, I give up, the guy IS a pain in the arse" (Not like that, obviously, but it's pretty much been implied) and has had enough of him. Dniel's not buying the series either, thanks to Tramp, by the way.

6. The DoubleStandards.

OK, so apparently, Furman's Wrong enough about "No robosex" to have Tramp e-mail him and try to correct the Transformers' main writer, despite the whole "Robots" thing being obvious reason as to why they don't fuck, because they don't have to, and the whole thing about "Kids' franchise" and all, yet Furman's correct about "One Unicron/Primus in every continuity", despite that being impossible in canon. How the fuck does that work? Oh, and apparently, CNA, DNA, "Nanites" (The ones only Tramp seems to have heard of, which allegedly serve as robot growth hormones, going by Tramp, of course, which somehow became 'fact' going by him spamming it constantly), all of which are Furman creations, somehow indicate robosex. Once again, how the Fizuck dizoes thizat wizork? See, you can tell how confused I am by that one- I broke out in Carny talk.

7. He's a Human Herpes Virus.

If I'm not welcome somewhere, I'll leave. Tramp doesn't. Tramp ruins threads, starts pissing people off, and just starts making a dick of himself, and yet will not leave until he's gotten the thread locked. Like I said, he's like a Human Herpes Virus. He's unwanted, he's unappealing, and when you think you've gotten rid of him, BANG! he pops up again, worse than before, in the most annoying way possible.

8. Tramp is a Homophobe.

Yes, I'm straight. But as I said in one of my previous blog, there's a lot of gay people in my family. And everyone has at least ONE gay uncle. However, according to Tramp, there can't be gay Transformers, because they wouldn't be appropriate for kids, for the sole reason that Tramp "Doesn't agree with it." He won't reveal the reason, but he just says he's "Against gays." Well, that's religious zealots for ya.

9. He Needs a Better Sense of Humour.

Rather than showing up on other people's Mosaics and going "LULZ DAT W0Z t3h Twi5t3dz!!11!1!11!!!!11!", maybe it's time that Hooker (Thesaurus. W00t.) taught himself the all-important concepts of sarcasm and facetiousness.

Seriously, you show up in a topic that Tramp's attempting to take over with his retardation, and tell a joke, and he will miss the joke altogether.

His whole "Ironhide's group/Chromia's Group" argument solely hinges on Starscream's sarcastic comment of "Here come the boyfriends" in Search for Alpha Trion. I corrected him AN HOUR after watching the episode, and his little amigo Jeysie, his one woman cheering squad proceeded to pop-up with "So much for just recently," which REALLY pissed me off.

Worse was the time we were talking about Japanese Transformers Mangas on IDW's forums, I said something about "Damn, someone musta broken out the LSD while writing these," and Shitstack went absolutely Nuckin' Futs. BlodandSteel and DanielW jumped in and told him to calm el los fuck down, and that I was being facetious. Tramp tried to jump in with "Oh, but it's Slander." Yeah, well so are half of my blogs on bebo. At this rate, I owe Miley Cyrus a fair few million. Tramp also points out on occasion when I "Slander" him. Because I really care about Tramp's feelings and human rights. I really, really do. (Not.)

Oh, and also, if Tramp doesn't get the joke, he'll try and correct you if the joke doesn't back up his sources. Anyone else notice a recurring theme here?

Anyways, those are my reasons. Sure, I've insulted the guy some more, but hey. If you don't think those are reasons enough, then I've really got nothin' for ya.

Til Next Time, I'm the Funkmaster. Deal.